Wijngaard Natie verkleint zijn ecologische voetafdruk |
Zo werden er onlangs enkele bestaande terreinen en magazijnen gerenoveerd met herbruikbare materialen. Ook in de nabije toekomst zijn er nog uitbreidingen gepland in de infrastructuur van Wijngaard Natie die...

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Wijngaard Natie kiest voor duurzaam en verbouwt terminal met afbraakmaterialen
Wijngaard Natie kiest voor duurzaam en verbouwt terminal met afbraakmaterialen |
Op twee maanden tijd realiseerde Wijngaard Natie (WGN) een nieuwe opslag site in de haven van Antwerpen. Dit past in de strategie van het bedrijf om steeds de meest excellente...

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Kanaal Z Haven
Wijngaard Natie on Kanaal Z |
In deze aflevering brengt Kanaal Z een bezoek aan de eerste overdekte terminal van de haven van Antwerpen. De All Weather Terminal van de Wijngaard Natie, is een technisch hoogstandje.

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Who are we

About Us

Wijngaard Natie provides integrated logistic services to the industry with specific solutions for the  requirements in terms of handling, storage, transport and regulatory compliances.

The Terminal is situated in the heart of the conventional & Breakbulk cluster of the Port of Antwerp.

Our IT system provides you with end-to-end traceability of product flows

Wijngaard Natie

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In the reference work ‘The Naties six hundred years of business in port and city”, we read that the word ‘natie’ stands for an assembly or grouping of workers that pursued the same goal and collectively practiced the same activity or profession as it was carried out in the context of the trade.
Through the centuries, these cooperative societies strove for official recognition, as did Wijngaard Natie whose notarial act was drawn up on January 22nd, 1864. From even older writings it appears that they were already active in the 18th century, although under other names such as ‘Natie van de Melkhoek’(Milk Corner) or de ‘Arbeyders van de Melkmarkt’(Milk Market workers). We can at any rate boast a long and rich history.


Contrary to several ‘natie’ companies that made their name in product specialisation, Wijngaard Natie derives its name from the street where it was originally based: the Wijngaardstraat in the heart of Antwerp.
Throughout the decennia Wijngaard Natie has made a name for itself as a solid, traditional company, strong in the usual natie tasks of storage, transportation and distribution.
More recently, the period from 1990 was of great importance: diversification became the name of the game. Today, we offer you a total, in-house service package.
On this site, you will find an overview of these activities

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