Cargo Flows


Dedicated storage

We own several dedicated storage areas for your packed dried food products whilst able to provide all sorts of different port operations.

Whether your cargo needs to be containerised or stored for a longer period of time, our trained and capable staff will handle your cargo with utmost care.

Quality & Safety

Our specialised state-of-the-art warehouse complexes at the port of Antwerp & Ghent allow us to offer a wide range of services for food storage without losing sight of quality & safety requirements.

Our constant passion to ensure that the entire commodity flow is handled with the highest level of quality gives us the capability to ensure that you enjoy a high-standard customer experience.
Regular training sessions for our staff members together with their optimism and enthusiasm have enabled Wijngaard Natie to obtain FASFC, BIO, SEVESO, AEO & ISO 9001-15 certifications. We are very proud about this.

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